This project represents the collective efforts of students in a course on The Era of the American Revolution (HIST 432 S16 and HIST 332 S17) at Western Carolina University. For their final project, students picked topics and conducted primary and secondary research to locate relevant documents to tell the story of the American Revolution in North Carolina.

As the project unfolded, students confronted some of the essential struggles of primary research: What is a document? How do historians pick and choose representative sources to tell a story? What kinds of stories do we want to tell? Who is included and who is not? How do we deal with the limitations of primary sources? It was a great learning experience (for both the students and their professor!) to confront such challenges and work through them as a group. Collectively, we learned how to think about research, writing, teaching, presentation, and audience in new ways. Most importantly, by putting student research online, the class now has a lasting document of their efforts that will reach far beyond our classroom and (hopefully!) be of use to public audiences interested in the history of North Carolina and the American Revolution.

The students in both History 432 and 332 worked very hard to bring the project to life. Students wrote all of the text and compiled all of the material on this site (though any mistakes are probably the professor’s fault!) Please feel free to share or use this website. It is not complete, but very much a work in progress. For various reasons, certain subjects are not well represented here, but we will continue to build from this beginning effort. For more information, please contact Dr. Honor Sachs at Western Carolina University at hrsachs@wcu.edu.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.57.59 PM    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.52.12 PM

Special thanks to Heidi Buchanan and everybody at Hunter Library for all of your assistance! We could not have done this without you!

HIST 432 Contributors (Spring 2016):

Tia Bristoe, Josh Childers, Derrick Cope, Griffin Daughtry, Kyle Dreher, Josh Jolly, Raquel Kelly, Will Lee, Colby Lipscomb, Kate McDannold, Aubree Payne, Zach Payne, Abby Powers, Kaitlin Welch, Todd Whitley, Preston Young

HIST 332 Contributors (Spring 2017):

Alexander Bateson, Aaron Brown, Jacob Boothe, April Carroll, Mitch Foust, Sarah Jimison, Casey Johnson, Connor Johnson, Justin Kidd, JC McCarson, Christian Monroe, Bradley Owen, Tristan Reid, Sarah Safrit, Kaitlyn Smith, Camille White, Sarah Wicker,


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