Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge

Research by Christian Monroe

  1. Letter to Robert Howe from North Carolina, February 24, 1776

This letter was written three days before the battle at Moore’s Creek Bridge.  The colonists are very confident in their chances against the loyalist highlanders and the British.  The British were planning highly on the support of the loyalist in North Carolina, however, the Loyalist highlanders did not show up in great numbers and provided fewer arms than required to provide the support for the British regulars.

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2. Anon letters from North Carolina, May 1776

Written after the the British defeat at Moore’s Creek Bridge, this letter explains how the the English thought North Carolina a good military target because of their relative weakness. They presumed considerable Loyalist support which they did not receive. This problem of miscalculating Loyalist sympathy in the South would prove to be a problem for the British throughout the war. This letter also explains how these early victories buoyed support for the patriot cause in North Carolina.

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