Sons of Liberty

Research by Josh Childers

  1. North Carolina Gazette, November 20, 1765

This document has a brief narrative describing the actions of those who protested the stamp act in 1765 by having a funeral for “Liberty”. This piece is helpful in connecting individuals who were working with the Sons of Liberty such as the publisher Andrew Steuart. This form of protest which we see in print through the skull on the side of the page is what helps distinguish between the regulators and the Sons of Liberty.

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2. North Carolina Gazette, February 26, 1766

This document establishes the upright justness of the Sons of Liberty and distinguishes them from those who seek violence and open rebellion from the crown. This source also helps to better clarify the goals and the means by which the Sons of Liberty are willing to pursue them.

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3. “Armed Resistance to the Stamp Act,” letter from Governor Tryon, February 25, 1766.

This correspondence shows governor Tyron’s response to the Sons of Liberty and that in government documents the Sons of Liberty often remained incognito. It can be inferred that because the leader of this armed resistance was Cornelius Harnett that the group described is the Sons of Liberty or at least consists of a large portion of their members.

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4. “Sons of Liberty meeting with names.”

This excerpt was vital in accessing names of those involved in the Sons of Liberty and by which means they would fight for American liberty. Excerpt provides decisions made regarding their non-importation policy and how it was implemented.

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5. “Sons of Liberty advertisements”

These two advertisements are present the way which the Sons of Liberty carried themselves and always pursued justice, honest, and lawfulness. In one of the advertisements they are warned against even meeting near any place that serves liquor and that they are to conduct themselves with decency.
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