Continental Army

Research by Jacob Boothe

1. Act of North Carolina Assembly regarding payment of soldiers, May 1779

This document is a resolution from the North Carolina General Assembly concerning the payment of North Carolina troops in the Continental Army. It stated that officers would get half pay for seven years after the present war has ended. It also stated that officers and soldiers could obtain certain goods at certain prices. Officers were to get a complete uniform, and land would be awarded in the state of North Carolina to any officer and soldier should be exempt from taxation as long as the land is in their name. It also stated that widows of officers will be able to collect the half pay that their husbands would be entitled to.


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2. Letter from Col. John White to Richard Caswell, November 30, 1777

This document is a letter from Col. John White to Richard Caswell. Col. John White was in command of the Second North Carolina Continental Regiment, and Richard Caswell was the Governor of North Carolina from 1776-1779. In this letter Col. John White explains to Richard Caswell the horrid state that his troops are in. Some of them have no footwear and some men are practically naked. Horses were dying from starvation and trying to forage as much as they could. Also that Col. John white had used all the money he was given to pay for supplies and had to use his own money to help keep his regiment going.

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3. Advertisement for the Return of Deserter, July 24, 1777

This document is an advertisement by Benjamin Steadmen, who was a Captain of the Fifth North Carolina Continental Regiment, concerning rewards for the capture of deserters from the Continental Army. This advertisement was printed in the North Carolina Gazette on July 25th, 1777. The ad lists off all the names of the men that deserted his company and promised to pay for each deserter that was brought back to Captain Benajmin Steadmen.

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4. Estimated Cost of Supplies for Continental Army, March 12, 1782

This document concerns with estimation of costs for the transportation of supplies for the North Carolina troops, by Quartermaster Nicholas Long. It estimates the cost by contract of the different people that where hired to move supplies for the state troops. It shows the name of the person, the job they performed for the state troops, and how much they are to be awarded. They would add up the total and send this cost estimation to the Governor of North Carolina.


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5. Orders Concerning Supplies for North Carolina military

This document is from the North Carolina Quartermasters Department, with orders concerning supplies for North Carolina military units. It states that certain equipment and supplies are to be taken to different commanders, like wagons, ammunition, and horses. These supplies are to be delivered by other military units to their intended destination. It also talks about a number of horses and arms/ammunition that are to be purchased by the state quartermaster.

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